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Protecting Ourselves from Negativity


What does it mean to have LOW protection or BIG protection and why is it so important to be protected? What do we have to protect ourselves from? A friend commented that I have very strong energy, but very low protection, therefore I should pay attention and stay away from energetic vampires. Could you please comment on this? ~BA


You seem to understand that a person’s energy can be sucked from them by negative, reactive, self-centered, and jealous people. One’s Lightforce is ultimately the source of their life and all the lasting good that one experiences. It is that very Lightforce that we need to protect, and for different reasons. Kabbalists explain that negativity will make an effort to be where higher energy exists in order to take from that higher energy. So protection is essential.

First, we need to protect ourselves so we don’t lose the benefit of our Lightforce and consequently open ourselves up to various types of chaos. Second, an energy vampire is ultimately hurting themselves by taking the Lightforce from another person rather than manifesting their own Light. Remember, God gave every single person a soul COMPLETELY FULL of Light and our purpose in this world is to manifest OUR Lightforce through actions of unconditional sharing.

The practice of Kabbalah provides protection through a number of means. Some of the main ones are:

The Zohar—This book is the ultimate power of protection. Having the Zohar in your home radiates Light throughout the house. Scanning the Aramaic words of the Zohar activates new levels of previously un-manifested Light from within, thereby bringing a stronger intensity of Light to surround you.

The Red String—kabbalists teach that the Red String we wear on the left wrist from the tomb of Rachel the matriarch is protection from the negative energy of jealousy, also called “evil eye.”

A Mezuzah—A proper mezuzah (a handwritten parchment scroll), which the Zohar prescribes, should be placed on the doorways of your home as protection from the “negative entities that wait at the doorway” (Va’etchanan, section 12 of the Zohar).

Charity—This is a powerful way of sharing financially from what talent and abilities the Creator has given you to earn a living. Charity spreads the Light of the Zohar and the teachings of Kabbalah to the world.

Every action of transformational sharing that entails an effort causes more of your Light to be revealed and surrounds you with greater Light and protection.

There are many other facets to protection. I suggest you contact your Kabbalah teacher, or if you don’t currently have a teacher, call 1-800-KABBALAH OR click here to fill out an online form to start working with one of our teachers.


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