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Resisting Negativity


What are some tools to help deal with negative people on a regular basis, i.e., family members, coworkers, partners, etc.?


There are kabbalistic tools to deal with negative people. You can use the 72 Names of God, which are like broadband for the soul, connecting you to the Light quickly. Different combinations of names deliver different forces of energy, such as healing, prosperity, and the actual power of life. Meditate on the eighth Name of the 72 Names, Kaf Hey Tav.

72 Name #8

You can also meditate on the second line of the Ana B’Koach, an ancient prayer also known as the prayer of the kabbalist. And of course, you can also scan the Zohar. If the challenge has to do with conflicts in relationships, you may scan the portion of Vayigash (volume 6 – chapter 2 – page 1 to 44 in the Hebrew Zohar, volume 6 – page 419 to 432 in the English Zohar, or page 419 to 432 in the Sacred Zohar).

This being said, all the above could be compared to going to the dentist and fixing the surface as opposed to fixing the root. More lasting results will take place if the change takes place from within. Try to first observe and identify what you are reacting to in response to all those “negative” people. What makes you feel so terrible?

In the foundation class taught in every Kabbalah Centre, we learn about the proactive formula, which teaches that in order to achieve being proactive and letting the Light in, we first need to realize that our reactions are the real enemy and not the individual who triggers the emotion. That individual is a messenger—he or she may be a seemingly “negative” messenger, but they are still messengers pointing out something that we need to fix, heal, surrender to, or let go of. I recommend reading The Power of Kabbalah and Beyond Blame by Yehuda Berg.


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