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Restricting from Drug Use


What's the kabbalistic point of view about smoking pot and doing "natural" drugs? I have never smoked pot or used any other kind of drug, but my BF smokes and I have a conflict with that. I don't think one should need to smoke anything to feel ok, or relaxed, or happy. I don't know how to handle it. Thank you so much in advance! ~MG


Kabbalah teaches about restriction. According to Kabbalah, restriction generates Light, energy, lasting fulfillment, and lasting joy. The opposite of restriction would be instant gratification. Similar to a light bulb, the filament represents restriction without which the light bulb would not generate light. The greater the value of the resistance, the greater capacity for the Light.

We grow up mostly listening to our robotic consciousness or body consciousness, which is led by instant gratification—give it to me now, I need it, I want it now. To apply restriction would require going against that nature and that is hard since it's all we have known. If a person has a great capacity to receive for the self alone or is often a victim of his own instant gratification, there can be an equal capacity to reveal Light if that amount is transformed by restriction.

Kabbalah teaches there is no coercion in spirituality; we can't force someone to become a better person or choose a better path. But maybe you can find a way to inspire, to be an example so the realization would come by itself. Try for your own sake to focus on your own spiritual work and don't take it personally if a person is stagnant. Trust that with the Light everything is possible starting with each and every one of us, one person at a time.

Best of luck!

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