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Seeing the Light in Everything


I have been going through some stuff for the last seven years that is starting to destroy me inside. I got diabetes and cannot seem to get it under control. My boyfriend decided that "I am not the one" except he still keeps sleeping with me. My finances have dwindled down to nothing. I pray for healing and that God will turn his heart, yet I hear nothing. I’m crushed inside and I know that this is not his plan for me. Every time I turn around it is something and I am so tired. Please advise. Shalom. ~MC


Thank you for your question.

Things don’t happen to a person in order to destroy him, but rather to build and to help him change. If someone is truly honest with themselves and wants to see they will find that they are attached and addicted to many things (both physically and spiritually) that are not good for them.

Let’s take diabetes for example; I am speaking as someone who is also diabetic. Being diagnosed put me in a place where I had take care of my health in a different way–I needed to eat right, listen to my body, and take the time to exercise. I would have never done these things naturally. Even though it is a physical situation, it brought me to a different place spiritually.

You can apply this thought process to all the difficulties you are experiencing.

According to Kabbalah, relationships are about connecting soul to soul, not to the physical. A lot of times physicality gets in the way and it blocks the Light from getting the right answers. Restriction is one of the greatest ways to receive guidance, especially in relationships.

We also learn that the Creator is always listening; the Light is an infinite force of goodness that is always giving and is in everything, but like attracts like. Therefore, for the Light to dwell in you, you must act like the Light. We learn that our job is not to blame anybody or anything, but rather to invite the Light into our lives. I am sure that all that is happening are messages pushing you to act and live differently. The only way the situation will change is if you start to transform. Praying is one level, but connecting and transforming is true spiritual work. Start seeing the Light in everything and everyone.


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