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Sharing the Light Through a Career


I would totally love to share more Light in the world through a purposeful career. Yet, I have not been able to manifest one in my life. I have diplomas and degrees. But I don't seem to be accepted by employers. How can the teachings of Kabbalah help me change my ways so that I can start bestowing and stop being blocked from receiving? ~JP


Dear JP,

What a wonderful intention! Sharing Light is the ONLY thing we all came into this world to achieve. Kabbalah teaches us that everything we do in every facet of our lives is ultimately the means for us to share our Light with others. One thing that has helped many students to find their career is to remember that the talents and abilities they were given by the Light are a means to spread Light within their jobs. That means consciously sending Light to all the people they meet through work, while simultaneously continuing with the physical aspects and requirements of the job.

In your personal quest for the right career, continue to scan the Zohar and ask the Light to put you in a position in which you can share your Light in the most effective way—impacting the souls of all the people you will work with and encounter through the position, causing a spiritual awakening in them all. The Light is the "matchmaker" for you and your position. Rav Berg always taught us that when we take care of the Light’s business (of sharing our Light with others), that the Light would take care of our business (our needs). But, if a person only takes care of their own business, then there is no room for the Light to help them.

JP, if you don’t have a Kabbalah Centre instructor yet, please contact 1-800-KABBALAH (within the USA) or fill out the online form and begin to work with one of our caring and knowledgeable teachers. The purpose of having a Kabbalah Centre teacher is to help you grow spiritually to become the real you that the Creator created. We have the wisdom, experience, and loving care needed to guide each student in their life and soul’s expression. The lessons we received from our teachers Rav and Karen Berg enable us to see things about you that you can’t see about yourself. As Karen Berg says, that’s why we need mirrors. We can’t see ourselves without them! That’s the power of having a teacher.

Wishing you success in finding the right position.


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