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Spiritual Limbo


I have been in a state of spiritual "limbo" for some time now. I need some direction on where to start the process of spiritual grounding. I've never been one to stick with anything long enough to make a difference in my life, but I have been far too restless lately and need a change—STAT! ~MC


Hi MC,

You took the first step by asking for help. An important spiritual discipline is knowing you always need help. I would start by asking yourself how willing you are to make a change. You will see change to the degree that you desire to change.

My teacher, Rav Berg, used to say that people would go to a food tasting and get full without ever really having a meal. This is the same for spiritual shoppers. When you get married, you marry one person and no matter how difficult or challenging it is, in order to be successful one has to stick with it, to persevere.

So, you started your process by asking for help. As you know, Kabbalah offers the tools you need, starting with Kabbalah 1. You can always use the Kabbalah University website or the books that we offer, like The Power of Kabbalah. If you are open to it, I recommend speaking to a teacher over the phone or going to a nearby Centre to meet in person.

Thank you very much and have a meaningful day!


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