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The Challenge of Impatience


Kabbalistically, what does it mean to be challenged by impatience? ~JF


I can undoubtedly relate to your question of impatience. It has an illusory spin to it around active, 'positive desire,' – always jumping to the next. But it can be anything but positive. More often than not, impatience is married to irritability, befriends restlessness, and invites home more and more agitation.

One of the many issues with impatience is the empty chasing of random and varied offerings of the future. It then kicks off a vicious cycle where blind chasing begets emptiness begets needing more blind chasing. In actuality, impatience doesn't deliver. The illusion is it will fulfill you faster. But the truth is it's draining and actually prolongs processes.

The good thing is impatience is rooted within greater desire. We understand the kabbalistic life truth of 'earning.’ Impatience can benefit you if you embrace an earning process. Sharing and transforming and doing the work you're finding hard to do will attract your goal much faster. Without this understanding and excitement of the process, you're stuck grabbing and taking to fill the impatient hole.

The kabbalists explain the totality of Light in the upper worlds (the Ein Sof, or the endless world) is available every moment, to every soul. The totality! The goal is to feel the 'Ein Sof' every moment.

This means to practice to pull the Ein Sof into each conversation, business thought, work interaction: The totality of Light filling me right now.

This Ein Sof reality is there. Here. Now. The question is whether you choose to access it. Where the impatience of the moment will aggravate you with its emptiness, the Ein Sof of the moment will fulfill you.

Exercise embracing more beautiful moments every day and appreciating the miracles and blessings. This can wake you up to what you ALREADY have aside from all you still so desperately want.


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