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The Energy of the Aramaic Letters


How is the energy contained in the Aramaic letters of the Zohar different from the energy of other letters? ~DG


According to the Zohar, the Aramaic letters are not just symbols that combine to create words. The Aramaic letters are primordial. That means that they came from the Endless World—the space where the Creator created all human souls and filled them completely with Light—and they are each infused with a unique energy of the Light force of God. As those metaphysical energies came into the physical world they took on a physical form. Each Aramaic letter is a particle of the Light force of God. The kabbalists uncovered the forms; they didn’t create the forms.

This can be compared to an electron. The scientists teach that an electron has a negative polarity charge. They didn’t create the electron, nor did they create the negative charge it contains. They simply describe the electron and its energy and have found ways for us to make use of that energy. So, too the kabbalists explain the Light force energy in each letter and how we can make use of it to awaken the Light energies in our souls and in the world.

All other letter forms are derivations from the Aramaic letters and/or symbols that mankind created to compose a system to communicate to other humans (language). But they won’t have the same impact on the souls of people.

Because Light radiates out of the Aramaic letters, we are taught to “scan” or make visual eye contact with the letters so that through the “windows to the soul” that are our eyes, we can have a spiritual activation of our soul’s Light and then with meditative focus, “send” that Light to people and places, thereby removing darkness and chaos with this Light.


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