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I have been suffering a chronic health issue with my feet for 5 years now. My doctor says I am in the 1% of people that suffer such a prolonged case. People who have this condition normally heal in 6 weeks to 6 months. I am normally a healthy, active, physically fit, successful and happy person. This has had dramatic impact on me personally and professionally. There is really no medical explanation for why I am not getting better. I have been diligently doing everything I should to facilitate healing. I consider myself to be very healthy spiritually. I have even been scanning the healing symbol and using visualization. Do you have any suggestions for helping me heal? ~LM


Dear LM,

There are many facets to your question and your situation. Firstly, I don’t know how much you have studied Kabbalah in the Kabbalah Centre, but since the readers are of many different levels of learning, I will answer on various levels for your good and the good of the others.

Over the years I have been at the Kabbalah Centre, I have learned from Rav and Karen Berg that anything that seems illogical, and/or far out of the norm MUST have a component of reincarnation in it. So, the fact that you have had this condition for 5 years versus the usual 6 weeks to 6 months seems to me to mean that it is an issue from a past life. Some kind of blockage (klipah) has been carried into this life.

Feet represent our Malchut, our connection to the physical (manifest) world. For example, in the biblical book, Exodus, God tells Moses to take off his shoes, because the ground he is standing on is holy ground. Why take off his shoes? To make a greater connection to the Light, or holiness. Problems with the feet can mean that you need to make a greater effort to connect with the Lightforce. Commit stronger acts of transformational sharing, which will bring greater Light. Perhaps you have been putting off doing some act of sharing. It could also mean you should stop being reactive, since feet move us around the physical world.

Also, you said you’ve been doing "everything I should do…" "Everything" is a BIG word. I know that it often feels like we are doing everything, so that is why having a personal teacher at the Kabbalah Centre is so important. Let me share with you a list of some things that you could be doing.

Always keep in mind that while scanning, or doing any kabbalistic connection, you are awakening the healing energy from within you and sharing it with all humanity. The more Light you channel to others, the more Light MUST flow through you.

If you have questions about any of these things I have shared, I highly encourage you to speak with your Kabbalah teacher. If you don’t have a personal teacher, contact the Kabbalah Centre and we will assist in finding the right teacher for you.

LM, I wish you a speedy recovery.


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