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True Happiness


Can I ever be truly happy and contented? ~HW


Dear HW,

This is a good question, one that hangs over most of humanity. One thing is for sure: if we are evolving spiritually every day we will feel happier every day.

According to kabbalists, happiness is NOT a result of our situation or circumstance; it is a gift from the Creator that we must earn through our spiritual work. The ability to be happy, regardless of what’s going on, IS a result of growth and change. To wake up every day happier means you’re changing.

Many things we think will make us happy, often do not. Only changing ourselves, rather than circumstances, will produce the magic. So yes, we can be truly happy if we do the work to change our perception and decide to be happy about the process and not just the prize.

Rav Berg explains, "An entity that is constantly fulfilled has the nature of sharing." In the Zohar, Rav Shimon bar Yochai enlightens us with a concept referred to as the "Thirteen Petal Lily" (The Zohar, Prologue, Part. 1). He says that just as the lily has thirteen petals, so are we surrounded by thirteen attributes of mercy and sharing. It is our destiny to achieve oneness with the Creator and bring these 13 forces of pure unconditional sharing into our day-to-day lives. In doing so, we become filled with true happiness and true contentment.

The best of luck to you on your journey.


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