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How can I find out if my desire to move to a different place is coming from a Desire to Receive for the Self Alone or a desire to be in a better place energetically, where I can use my talents to share at a higher level? I am sharing my talents and impacting students where I am but feel that I still have far to go in order to offer my gifts to more people. ~RK


Dear RK,

First, I want to acknowledge your awareness that the reason the Creator gives us talents and abilities is to share with others. In the Zohar portion of Chayei Sarah, verse 41, it explains that EVERYTHING we have–talent and abilities, money, and children–comes from the Creator. And the Creator gives them to us in order to share with others, to use them to reveal the Light of our soul. If a person uses what the Creator gave them for selfish things, then they will be hurt (create chaos) by those same abilities and gifts that the Creator gave them.

In making your decision, first, be aware of your true inner intent. Is it for the self alone, like recognition, status, award, or money? Or is it because you feel that you want to share the Light of your abilities with more people and make a greater impact on more lives? If it is to share, then while scanning your Zohar, the 72 names of God, and reciting the Ana b’Koach, ask the Creator for clarity and guidance. Perhaps, there are more people you can help where you are now, or maybe there is more you can do elsewhere. The key is being open while asking the Light’s guidance. If you realize that your intent IS self-centered, then before making a decision, work on changing your conscious awareness that ALL you have is from the Light since we are just vessels. Your desire for the most blessings of the Light will ONLY be fulfilled by revealing your soul’s Light through sharing with others.

Ask your personal teacher for their support in making your intent clearer to yourself.

Light and blessings,



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