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Tying the Red String


Can I tie the Red String on myself and say the Ben Porat prayer by myself? I don't have anyone to tie the string for me, nor do I live near a Kabbalah Centre. Will the Red String work if I tie and say the prayer myself? I've tried to find answers to this question everywhere and it seems as though it's never been asked. I really appreciate any help you can provide. ~FT


Dear FT,

The red string has power in and of itself. It has been wound around the tombstone of Rachel the matriarch with the proper kabbalistic meditations. It is definitely better to have another person tie it on your wrist.

Perhaps, there is a kind, warm person at work, in your housing complex, or on the block, that you could ask. If there truly is no one to ask, then yes, you can tie it yourself with all the meditations on the packet.

Keep studying on Kabbalah University. You sound like a very good student. And, stay in touch with your teacher.


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