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Understanding Darkness


As a spiritual person, my life is all about love. I spread love and compassion everywhere I go. I am confused now with what's happening in the world with murderers running around and the killing of innocent people. I have no hate for these people, because they are misguided souls. My question is how do you "love" these people? There must be some way to open their eyes to what killing someone really means. Please help me understand. Thanks. ~MM


Dear MM,

What an important, powerful, and timely question for all of us on a spiritual path. Personally, I try to always remind myself that EVERY HUMAN BEING is created in the “image and likeness of the Creator.” That means, we ALL have the DNA of the Light in our souls, waiting to be activated and manifest. This includes all the people in the world today who are committing negative acts.

We know all the tools and technology Kabbalah provides, and the teachings of the Kabbalah Centre are a means to awaken and manifest Light and experience blessings, fulfillment, clarity, and understanding, to ultimately become more “God-like.”

Our spiritual growth is based on sharing our Light with others in ways that stretch us outside what we are used to (what we call our “comfort zone”). There is the added benefit of awakening more of OUR soul’s Light and Light in the souls of others. Therefore, as you mention, the best way to remove negative people from the world is to send them SO MUCH LIGHT their souls will awaken. Their God DNA can be activated and there is an opening to overcome their darkness and negativity. They have the potential to become more God-like and loving. We are essentially “guiding” them back to the Light of the Creator and the pathway of Love.

This is the only way for all of us to achieve peace and harmony on Earth.

May all of us worldwide be united and focused on spreading the Light of the Zohar and sending the necessary Light to all of humanity so that ALL the darkness disappears in our days.


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