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Understanding Déjà Vu


I have experienced déjà vu many times. I’m wondering whether or not it could be linked to reincarnation. All of the references I can find regarding reincarnation indicate that our soul returns or is born again in a different body (typically a later person, chronologically speaking). However, déjà vu is an experience of our own, in our own time, as though we live the same life over and over and simply get glimpses of our past lives. Are these two ideas connected? ~MS


Dear MS,

Thank you for the insightful question.

Today we know, kabbalistically and through science, there are multiple parallel universes that each of us exist in simultaneously. Each one includes this life, past lives, and future lives.

Reincarnation is the process that allows us the opportunity to fulfill our earthly mission of becoming a complete being of sharing 24/7, in all situations. The part of us that is not sharing is called our tikun, the part we need to “correct.” Whatever a person doesn’t finish in a lifetime continues with them to the next lifetime.

Many people have “past-life flashes,” visions of what they did or who they were in a past life. That is distinct from déjà vu. Déjà vu happens in this lifetime when a glimpse of one’s future gives them the sense of having been there or done that.

I hope this clarifies the issues for you and the readers.


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