Ask A Kabbalist

Where to Direct Negative Thoughts


I'm curious about negative feelings such as anger or resentment. Sometimes I still feel these emotions even though I try not to. Should I direct my thoughts elsewhere, (think, forgive, and restrict) and not talk about these feelings?


I learned from Rav Berg many years ago that it is NOT a problem to have negative feelings. These negative feelings point out where our tikun (or correction) lies. And this is good because we are then able to transform in those areas. So, it is what we do after we have the feelings that determines our destiny, whether we remain in our chaos (if we act angry, resentful, or the like), or if we reveal more Light and blessings (by acting with love, forgiveness, compassion).

The Kabbalah Centre teaches TRANSFORMATION – not suppressing or ignoring the feelings, but transforming the negative energy into Light energy by proactive actions. This way we dissipate or lessen the chaos, and increase the harmony and order in our lives.


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