A Month of Opportunity

Welcome to the Month of Virgo.

If any of you have a Virgo in your life, you know that they are gentle people with a knack for detail and a dedication to hard work. But while this knack for detail can make Virgos extremely attentive and caring, it can also make them critical of situations, other people, and themselves.

One of the main corrections for Virgos, then, is to learn to accept, respect, and embrace things and people in their reality as they really are, rather than judging them for what they are not.

Fortunately for all of us, this Virgoan critical eye can actually serve us well this month because the spiritual work we need to do is deep and introspective. Of all of the months of the year, Virgo is the month when the earth is closest to the sun. In spiritual terms, this means that the Light of the Creator is "up close and personal" with us for the next 30 days, illuminating our negative traits so that we can uproot and transform them with the spiritual technology of Rosh Hashanah at the beginning of next month, Tishrei (Libra).

This month, then, can give us the motivation to do the things that we know will move us forward spiritually but that we might find difficult, as we bear in mind that that no matter how far we have fallen or wherever we have gone, we can always find our way back to the Light, our Source, the Creator.

How do we discover what it is that we need to change? A good place to start is by looking at those areas where we get into the most trouble. Maybe it’s the way we communicate: what we say or don’t say, what we do or don’t do. So look closely: The answers are sure to reveal themselves. The discovery process of this month is not to be dreaded; we can undertake it with happiness, knowing that our work does have an impact on the bigger picture.


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