Astrology Forecast for the Month of Capricorn 2020

I hope that the new month of Capricorn is treating everyone decently after the Holiday of Lights. In fact, at the birth of the New Moon (the molad) of Tevet/Capricorn, a stellium of planets is conjunct in Capricorn for what is known as the Great Conjunction! The chart’s rising is in proud Leo, and Jupiter has already entered Capricorn. A lot more perseverance is in the air! Saturn is also ending its cycle in Capricorn. As we know, Saturn is one of the two giants of our solar system. Its look is unmistakable, with glorious ice rings all around, which inspire definite respect. 

In traditional astrology, Saturn rules time, challenges, responsabilities, and boundaries. Often called the “great malefic,” Saturn is the planet that orders us to work on our tikkune, or our correction. It is also connected to governements, big corporations, law and… order!

Change is in the air as Saturn enters the next sign: Aquarius. It will create a square aspect with Uranus, making 2020 a great time to question our own boundaries and begin to restructure them. Goodbye to old ideas and ideologies! We will, in fact, become more interested in experimenting and breaking free from whatever is stopping us. This sounds promising!

Now, let’s go over some funny facts about our Capricorn friends…

First, they are possibly the grumpiest sign of the whole zodiac! One of first things we may notice is the chilly energy around them. It is not the warmest feeling! Very serious and focused, they carry Saturn’s energy and its ice rings! The apparent coldness is truly just a refuge for their lack of self-confidence. Just like a tax return, Capricorn will remember all the difficult things that ever happened in their lives and surroundings.

However, their sense of responsibility is legendary. Care should be taken so they don’t turn into workaholics! They often excel in professions such as accounting, government offices, or animal care and agriculture (some Capricorns prefer plants and animals to human beings!)

A Capricorn will work very hard and very slow, until their ambitions are reached. They will preplan their retirements at 20 years of age! The Capricorns of a family are often first borns, taking on a lot of responsibility from a very young age. Many Capricorns actually remember difficult childhoods. They are, indeed, old souls, and during their childhood years, they simply looked at their parents and relatives and ask themselves, “Why is everyone so childish and irresponsible?”

Their main tikkune is their sensitivity to lack.The feeling that something is missing from their lives can be overwhelming; they then speculate that other people have something they don’t have. And, truth be told, the cosmos often reinforces their fears—they might be the last ones served at a restaurant, or they cannot find the item they seek in a shop. All kinds of funny things happen to Capricorns! Their other correction is to let go of materialism, since it represents safety and security. When a Capricorn focuses on spiritual growth, he or she will become tremendously intuitive and elevated. Surprisingly romantic because of the internal component of water, they are, in fact, a lot more sensitive than they appear.

In the body, Saturn rules bones, joints (especially knees), teeth, and skin. Sensitivity and weaknesses in these areas can appear later in life. Capricorns should always eat right, including products of the land, such as grains and veggies in their diets. 

Famous Capricorns include Johannes Kepler, Isaac Newton, Louis Braille and more!

Our spiritual work this month is to:

  • open up to others.
  • stop manipulating everything! The Light is in the business.
  • remember, justice doesn’t belong to you, but to the Light.
  • allow yourself to be emotional and loving.
  • learn what love truly means.

A great month to everyone!


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