Becoming Who You Are Meant to Be

If you read my article last month, I have news for you: the moment you have been waiting for has come! We are on the eve of the kabbalistic New Year! The New Moon of Libra brings the kabbalistic New Year. So, happy New Year, everyone! 

This is a pivotal time in our lives and in the year. The kabbalistic New Year (starting September 29th and running through October 1st) gives us a “green light” from the universe to assert ourselves and go after what we want. This is the time when we truly become new individuals with new desires. We are able to find our own paths, our own expressions. When moving toward 2020, the Uranus-Pluto square doesn’t leave us much time to adapt to change. We had the time, now the changes are here and we need to move forward. Simultaneously, the transit of Neptune in Pisces is also awakening deep existential questions that arise from the growing awareness of the changes the world is going through. Since Pisces (the last sign) represents closure, many people today sense a global “end of times” feeling.

Researchers have found that successful people all share one common trait. It’s not hard work. It’s not creativity. It’s not waking up early. It’s not even about being intelligent. All of the above are true, however, what all these people have in common is they take action. They get things done! Successful people are busy doing and manifesting. The clock is ticking; there is no time to waste—no time for blame or regret. If you want to do great things in life, you need to become a hero—the hero of your own life and destiny. From now on, this will be how we get things done.

At the end of October we will experience the last Mercury retrograde of 2019 in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a double-edged agent. We can use its power to climb or destroy. This last Mercury retrograde of the year reminds us to ditch our old habits and to be honest with ourselves. 

In the chart of the New Year, we can see a two-year Mars cycle around the sun. This is a very important cycle as the planet Mars is the first internal planet to travel a full circle around the sun. For the next two years, Mars will push us to take adventures outside our ordinary worlds, to overcome our fears, and cross thresholds. The Mars cycle can teach us a great deal about ourselves, as well. The world belongs to those who dare, and Mars will teach us how to overcome challenges and become better people. (Check where Mars is in your chart and when you have a Mars return.)

Yet, with the south node in Capricorn and the north node in Cancer (for the next 18 months), we will find it difficult to understand why people don’t comprehend what we want to say and why everyone doesn’t treat us with respect. With the north node in Cancer this year, we must learn how to both give and receive nurturing. The energy is so high that we cannot help but do.

Jupiter in Sagittarius teaches us to never stop learning and always look out for the next big thing. The square between Jupiter and Neptune will encourage us to shoot for the moon, because even if we miss, we will land among the stars.

Steve Jobs famously said, “Stay hungry, stay foolish,” and this pretty much sums up the year. Without taking risks and getting out of our comfort zones, we will miss opportunities. This year’s energy will help us activate mind over matter.

Shana tova! 


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