Daily Astrology Forecast for June 16-22, 2019

Fiction or Non-Fiction?

With today’s challenging aspect between Jupiter and Neptune, it can get very easy to go overboard and fall into an illusionary reality. Jupiter helps us to expand, while Neptune blurs our vision on what is fact and fiction. We could find ourselves running straight into an illusion, with a big smile on our face! Today, pay attention not to get caught up in a situation where the “bubble” has gotten so big it is ready to burst. Remind yourself that you do not see the entire picture and wait a few more days before making a final decision. Ask the Light to guide you, and to reveal to you the truth. Our eyes are beautiful and magnificent organs, yet they see inverted! The brain is actually responsible to invert what we see and make it upright. This is always a lesson to us that we cannot trust only upon our five senses. We must also trust in the wisdom of our hearts and consciousness, and, most importantly, the Light to help us to see what is really there. 

Full Moon in Sagittarius

The sign of Sagittarius allows us to connect to the deeper meaning and real wisdom of life. The full moon of every month is designed to provide us with an opportunity to accomplish, unify, and conclude aspects of our lives. Today is an ideal day to finish what is not complete in the areas of studying, learning, or teaching. The challenge of this full moon has to do with taking risks, however. Since the full moon is an emotional and sensitive time, and Sagittarius known for its courage and risk taking, we should all be aware and be more careful in the risks we take today. On the bright side, Sagittarius is the opposite sign of our month, Gemini. Today, we are afforded the energy of balance, harmony, and completion. What Gemini lacks, Sagittarius fulfills. It is an extremely positive day and the universe supports us in generating a great deal of spiritual Light.

Manifesting Your Dreams

The beautiful aspect between Saturn and Neptune, today, opens the door to manifestation and to our dreams. Saturn is the planet that helps direct us to make an effort to manifest. Today, look at areas in your life where you would like to accomplish more and fulfill a dream. Ask yourself: “Where should I assert more effort in my dreams?” Make a list of as many actions as possible that you are willing to take. Take the steps, today, in manifesting your dreams and your heart’s truest desires. We live in a physical world to learn how to take the energy of Light and love and transform them into matter. There are real hands in need and real hearts in need of our love. Our dreams are not meant to stay only in our minds, but designed to make it into our very real world.

Staying Out of the Danger Zone

I always find it fascinating to see how the universe is always providing us with a silver lining, with hope, and even with the solution during our challenging times. Today could potentially be one of the most dangerous days of the year as there are two forceful planets facing each other: Mars and Pluto. But, thankfully, both planets are in calmer signs; Mars being in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. Additionally, Pluto is now in retrograde which poses a greater chance this forceful and dangerous energy will be more balanced and controlled. Today, stay out of the war zone at all costs. Do not let your intense negative emotions take you over. Think twice, and even three times, before reacting to any upsetting situation. Stay calm and be safe. We often unknowingly run towards the fires of life. We can ask the Light to help us run from negativity as we would run from fire, itself. When we find ourselves running towards giving and helping others, we will find ourselves always in the safest of spaces. 

Too Sensitive?

With today’s conjunction of Mars and Mercury, both in Cancer, we are getting a reminder that cosmic influences can support and challenge, simultaneously. It is all a matter of our consciousness, how we perceive the situation, and how we choose to act. The sign of Cancer is considered to be one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. Our thoughts and actions will be influenced by this hypersensitivity. Let us make this sensitivity work for us today, and avoid any pitfalls. Today, open your heart and try to feel others around you. Be sensitive and compassionate in your communications. Take actions that are merciful and generous with others. Avoid giving energy to hurt feelings, lack of self-confidence, and doubt, and instead make an effort to see the Light in every situation. Choose a more positive and uplifted approach in how you communicate. Free yourself from the anxiety of focusing only upon yourself. Turning your care and attention to the needs of others will lighten your own load and help you forget your own troubles. Let the Light take care of your needs, while you take care of the needs of others. 

Fertility Everywhere!

Goodbye spring, hello summer! Today, the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky. It is the first day of summer and the first day of the month of Cancer in the Gregorian calendar. Today is considered to be one of the most fertile times of the entire year. It is a great day to focus on creating, growing, and nurturing, especially in areas that require just one more push before coming into fruition. Let us use, today, the following positive affirmation for our meditation: “Abundance and fruitfulness fill my being. I am imbued with the power of procreation.” Our meditation can be even more effective if we include others in our thoughts. Include in your meditation anyone you know who is trying to start a family. The wonderful thing about asking blessings for others is that the blessings must first go through you in order to reach them.

Your Higher Self


The planet Neptune, which affects our subconscious, spiritual awareness, and creativity, is in retrograde for the next four months. Any planet in retrograde encourages us to look within and connect to our inner higher selves. We are summoned to learn about our true desires and understand ourselves on a deeper level. Today is the perfect time to start this process of connecting to your higher self. There are many methods that can open the door to this higher self. Meditation, affirmations, breathing exercises, spiritual study and practice, and any artistic form will help us in this process. Today, choose a preferred method to connect to your higher self, and start a new routine with it for the upcoming four months. Now, there is a cosmic opening and potential to achieve a better connection to who you truly are, to the Universe, most importantly, to the Creator.


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