Embracing Your Kingdom

The New Moon of Capricorn coincides with the 7th candle Chanukah. The Hebrew word for this month is Tevet, coming from the root tov meaning “good,” which is especially appropriate considering the special energy of miracles that we have connected to over the past week.

Generally speaking, Capricorn is a sign of polarity. It has the potential to be the most materialistic sign of the zodiac, or on the flipside, the most spiritual. Many of the world’s greatest seers, leaders, and spiritual channels were Capricorns: Joan of Arc, Nostradamus, and Martin Luther King Jr., to name just a few.

Although Capricorns are usually ambitious, hardworking, and dedicated people, the energy of the sign is often marked by an underlying feeling of lack. Sometimes, people born under this sign just don’t feel like they have what they are supposed to have. They can look around and have a bit of a “how come they got it and I didn’t?” mentality because they work so hard and yet others, who work less, seem to reap more.

The truth is that all of us, no matter what sign we are, have felt this way at some point in our lives. We see what others have or have done and wonder: When is my time going to come? When is it my turn to receive those things? I’ve worked hard. I’ve sacrificed. I’ve shared. Why do things seem to come so easily for everyone else?

In The Kabbalah Centre, we refer to the physical world as the World of Malchut or “Kingdom.” But what we also learn is that my Malchut—my world, my kingdom—cannot be your kingdom, and your kingdom cannot be my kingdom or anyone else’s kingdom. Each one of us has our own package in life. When we say, “How come you were able to achieve x, y, and z and I didn’t?” we are in effect saying, “I want that piece of your package that is shiny, successful, respected, or beautiful.” But we don’t see the bigger picture. We don’t see the years of effort and sleepless nights behind that person’s blessing. Or, yes, perhaps a person has millions of dollars, but perhaps his wife also has cancer and his kids don’t talk to him.

This month, we have the support of Capricorn’s hardworking energy to make the effort to actually create for ourselves those things we admire in others, and to embrace our own personal kingdom with all of its positive and negative aspects. After all, before we came into this incarnation our soul chose a specific set of attributes and a specific set of difficulties, both perfectly suited for our correction and growth.

From the perspective of the Creator, we are completely whole, all the time. It is only because of our limited view of reality that we experience lack. The sun never sees the dark side of the moon. To the sun, the moon is always shining. To God, we are always shining because His essence is a part of us all. Our job is to embrace that essence so we can become who we are meant to be.

On the New Moon of Capricorn, as we light the seventh candle of Chanukah, let’s ask the Creator that we see ourselves as He sees us—perfect and whole. Through the power of the simple Light, we can ask to embrace our kingdom with love and become all that we are meant to be.


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