Extracting Blessings from Negative Shells

The month of Cheshvan, or Scorpio, is generally known to be a very challenging one; however, it is also a month that has tremendous blessings available if we are able to maintain a certain consciousness. Kabbalists teach every blessing that comes into our life comes in what is called a klipa, or shell, of darkness or negativity. And, the consciousness we want to maintain for the month of Scorpio– and always, really – is that the external shell we see usually appears to be the exact opposite of the blessing that is within it.

Moses, for instance, was a great leader, a spiritual giant, and when we envision him in our minds, I think most of us see a holy, pious, humble man. But the kabbalists teach this was not the case, because the shell that surrounded the greatness of the soul of Moses was not like the blessing of the soul that was Moses; it was actually the opposite. The physical shell around the soul of Moses completely contrasted who he truly was. And this is true of all blessings we receive. Every blessing that comes to us, especially the greater ones, will always come in a shell that is unlike the blessing within it.

In this month of Cheshvan, great blessings can, and will, come to us. But we need to be aware that often they will come in shells of negativity that initially seem to be the opposite of whatever we want. When this occurs we have a choice: do we get stuck focusing on the shell, or do we know that what we are looking at is just the external? Do we truly understand that there is a greater blessing, greater Light, within the situation, person, or reality that seems, initially, to be a negative one? How we view it is so important, because when we get stuck on the external only, we see no further and the blessing can’t come to us.

Therefore, as situations, opportunities, and people that seem dark or negative come to us during the month of Scorpio, we have to remind ourselves that inside them is a blessing and Light. And it is through having this consciousness that a blessing exists within what we first see as negative, and then pushing beyond that shell, that we can extract the blessings and reveal the great Light within it, especially throughout the month of Scorpio.


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