Have Nothing, Want Everything

We are now entering into the month of Libra, or Tishrei; the first two days of which Rosh Hashanah, the new year, falls on. So, as we come into this upcoming year, we don’t want it to be another version of the year we just finished. Rather, we want it to be even greater than the year before and any year we’ve ever had. In this month, therefore, and especially in the first two days of it during Rosh Hashanah, we want to draw not just more or greater Light, but Light that will transform every aspect of our lives, both spiritually and physically.

However, without consciousness and awareness on our part, the Light of the Creator cannot manifest. And one level of consciousness that is important to keep in mind as we’re making our connections this month is the consciousness of poverty. Every single one of us is destined for greatness, but because we settle for less – physically and spiritually - we don’t achieve our destiny. But in the month of Tishrei we cannot settle; we don’t want this to be a year in which we receive anything less than what we are truly destined to have.

Every year that is poor in the beginning, kabbalists teach, is wealthy at the end. Therefore, we have to begin this month first with a mindset of poverty, with the understanding that we have nothing, and then we have to have the consciousness of wanting everything. So, as we enter the beginning of this new year, we need to cultivate this consciousness of having nothing, yet wanting everything. Why? Because nothing remains of the previous year; since we start with nothing, we need to ask for everything - like health, sustenance, blessings, and even complete fulfillment.

To achieve the greatness for which we came to this world, we need to know we have nothing, while at the same time, we no longer settle for what we have had until now, either in the physical and spiritual sense; we want everything new, and greater than before. And throughout the month of Libra, if we incorporate this awareness and remind ourselves that a year which begins with the consciousness of poverty can end with both physical and spiritual wealth, we can draw into our lives the entire new year that we want - a year filled with blessings, fulfillment, and endless Light.


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