Mercury, the Messenger

Happy New Moon of Gemini! Most of us know Mercury as the ruler of Gemini and the messenger planet, ruling aspects like information, transportation, communication, and the dissemination of new information. Along with that, this fast-moving planet is also connected to physical motion and the speedy, chaotic developments that unfold in our lives.

At first glance Mercury may seem simple in comparison to heavier planets, like Pluto and Saturn (who also play a big role in this month’s chart). But don’t forget that in Greek mythology, Mercury was the one who could travel between the worlds, able to transfer information (or disinformation) with an all-access pass. Therefore, Mercury represents the vehicle that gives us the power to connect with “information” at every level. It’s an awareness tool. Without Mercury, things remain concealed.

"Thought" and "consciousness" are Mercury’s most powerful tools, whether positive or negative. Our task is to learn how to work constructively with mercurial information and watch for signs. The universe sends us messages every day, and Mercury is our direct line, without which we would have no memory, quickly forgetting where we come from  (astrologically speaking).

On a practical level, here are a few notes regarding this month’s Mercury cycle:

New moons (when the moon is conjunct with the sun) are great times to start an activity you can complete in one month’s time, but Mercury cycles are great for starting projects you can complete in a four-month period of time.

Keep in mind, there are four “phases” in a Mercury cycle. 

This is a short phase in the Mercury cycle, but it is absolutely important, because this is when we build the foundation for the rest of the cycle. Things start to fall into place during this time and you gain clarity about what you need to do in the coming months. (Duration: about 1 to 2 weeks.) 

This phase starts when Mercury is stationary direct. It is at its highest speed now. This is when we are capable of intense mental work. It is a good phase to kick off and work towards fulfilling the initiative you started in the first phase. (Duration: 4 to 5 weeks.) 

This is a phase of aligning your dreams (what you’ve worked on in the first two phases) with the reality (what the world expects from you.) (Duration: 4 to 5 weeks.) 

The last phase is a great time to analyze what you did in the first three phases and see how the results can lead to an even better outcome, which you can then focus on in the next cycle. (Duration: 2 weeks.) 

With Mercury in its own element in this New Moon chart, (Mercury in Gemini) we can see what we couldn’t see before. The only fight is within ourselves, with our own consciousness. Mercury is the mind. Master or servant, our minds are the managers of our lives. We feed them with thoughts, feelings, and impressions and Mercury processes them. As a result, we feel a certain way and act a certain way. All of our feelings and actions can be traced back to the consciousness.

This month, pay attention to the messages around you – and inside you. What messages are so clear, so true, and so important that you cannot ignore them? What have you known all along, but did not pay enough attention to? This month, the door is open for positive consciousness.

Chodesh tov (Good Month)!


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