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Shavuot Study Guide

Traditionally, Shavuot commemorates an event that took place over 3,400 years ago. It was on this day that Moses descended from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments and the Torah, powerful tools that allow us to remove negativity and foster abundance in our lives. Through the study of Kabbalah, however, we learn that nothing in the physical world can be the cause. The physical is an effect that must be preceded by the spiritual. What happened on Shavuot was the result of an activity occurring in the spiritual world. 

Energetically speaking, the revelation of the Ten Commandments was in fact an illumination of ten levels of Light, health, love, continuity and security. And since there is no lack in the spiritual realm, energy does not disappear; what happened once on Mount Sinai happens again every year on the sixth day of Sivan. On the night of Shavuot, the totality of the Light of the Creator is available to each of us. To connect we gather as a spiritual community to stay awake throughout the night, reading a summary of the Torah and studying from The Zohar. These are the channels through which we ourselves can now become the revelation. For as the Rav says, “The great spiritual truth is that we are One with the Creator. At Shavuot, we have the opportunity to understand it with our minds, connect with it in our hearts, and act on it with every aspect of our being.”


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