The Light is Closest

There is a verse in the Zohar that says, “Karov hashem lechol korav,” which means “The Creator is close, the Light is close to all those who call Him.” The Zohar explains that verse refers to the month we are entering into, the month of Virgo, or Elul. In this month, the Light of the Creator is closer to us than in any other time of the year.

To explain in practical terms what this means, a good example is that of a king. In his palace it is very difficult to get through to him, but if he’s going out for a walk, even if he has some security around him, we are able to at least see him or get nearer to him. And that is what occurs with the Light of the Creator in this month; the Light comes out of Its distant place and is close to all those who call It. This is the month, therefore, we can bring the Light to fill any lack that we have in our lives. But in order to do so, we have to first awaken and call that Light.

There are many stories from the kabbalists in which they are doing nothing in the month of Elul except awakening within themselves a desire and call to the Light of the Creator. This is because they knew that if we are in touch with our soul, we can awaken the Creator to come towards us in this month; a month which offers a tremendous opening of - and closeness to - the Light. During the other months of the year, while it’s possible, it is much more difficult and we have to work harder to get towards the Light. This month, however, the Light of the Creator comes towards us. In fact, whatever work we do in Elul is exponential because the Light of the Creator is so close. Therefore, if we grab the opportunity, then the potential for Light, blessings, and fulfillment is greater now than during any other time.

Often in life, and specifically in the month of Virgo that we are now entering into, we don’t appreciate or know how wide the gates are open, so we don’t grab those opportunities. But this month is full of opportunities; therefore, we have to work even harder not only to appreciate what is available to us, but also not to let go of any of our spiritual work, tools, or transformation. Why? Because karov hashem lechol korav. The Light of the Creator is closest.


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