The Power of the Eye

This year, we welcome the new lunar month of Tevet, or Capricorn, almost at the same time as the new Gregorian year of 2020! Although the first two days are lit by the energy of Chanukah, the holiday of lights, lunar Tevet is traditionally associated with challenging and heavy times. Kabbalistically, it is considered to be one of the three most negative months of the year. But of course, its ruler is rigid Saturn, Shabbtai in Hebrew, the seventh planet of our solar system, which rules laws, order, limitations, and boundaries. 

Let’s examine what the Book of Formation, or Sefer Yetsira (the most ancient written kabbalistic work), has to say about Capricorn.

He made the letter Ayin King over anger
And he bound a crown to it
And He combined one with another
And with them He formed
Capricorn in the universe
Tevet in the Year
The liver in the Soul
Male and female

The Aramaic letter that controls the sign of Capricorn is the letter Ayin, which literally means “eye.” The lunar month is called Tevet, which comes from the word tov, or good. Kabbalists teach that, in fact, the month of Tevet is a time that can cancel or nullify the “evil eye.” Ayin plus tov literally means “good eye,” which is the source of all blessings. This month begins with all of us gazing at the Chanukah candles—it’s about the power of the eye!

When we think about it, every destructive process begins with some kind of evil eye, judgment we pass through our eyes. All forms of anger and destruction originate from that place. The eye sees, the brain judges, and actions follow. In the body the organ related to anger is the liver, and it’s not by coincidence—in ancient times, a cranky character was called “liverish.”

When we closely study the sign of Capricorn, we often discover that those born under the sign perceive many things as difficult, or even negative. The filter through which they see the world is a complicated one, therefore the antidote is opposite behavior!

In addition, kabbalists teach that at ten years of age a child “jumps like a goat.” In Aramaic, goat is gdi—literally Capricorn. Jumping up and down “like a goat” is an important stage of the growing-up process. The month of Tevet always relates to the Saturnian growing-up process, from a state of immaturity to a state of maturity. The “evil eye” is really a very immature response.

All in all, the month of Tevet represents an amazing opportunity to look at everything and everyone with a positive, good eye, and therefore, cancel all the potential judgments in our life.

How is that reflected in the chart of this month? Well, five planets are aligned in heavy Capricorn. Thank God, the difficult and heavy Capricorn planets are sandwiched in the chart by Venus already in Aquarius, and Mercury still in Sagittarius.

Jupiter and the sun are conjunct, and most of the planets are in the fifth house, also ruled by the sun. What a beautiful opportunity to grow our selves, to expand our horizons. In addition, rebellious Uranus is at the chart’s mid-heaven and angular to both Jupiter and the moon, offering us an amazing opportunity to get out of our boxes and move beyond our limitations. Think about it as altering our vision to be long range, as opposed to shortsighted. As Jupiter has already entered Capricorn, all matters of faith, certainty, and spirituality are strengthened, and this will remain a trend for all of 2020.

So, the plan of this month is first to become more aware of our “narrow” vision and “not-so-positive eye.” Then, with Jupiter at our side, we can take a leap of faith and allow the cosmos to shower all of humankind with blessings.

A great new month to all!


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