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30 Days of Kind Words: 4 Steps to Success

Here we are, one week into our commitment to 30 Days of Kind Words: a good time to stop and ask ourselves a few questions.

Are we holding up our promise to resist the urge to speak badly about others? Are we taking advantage of opportunities to speak kind words, remembering that whatever we put out there comes back to us in measure?

As I mentioned before, our words are one of the most powerful tools that we have as human beings, and a little consciousness in this area can go a long way.

For example, suppose you say one kind word to a colleague in the morning. In turn he/she affects another and another. One kind word can ripple out and affect the world in a profound way.

Each and every one of us is much more powerful than we think. And, at the same time, despite our best efforts, we will all fall, this is a given. What is not a given is what happens after we fall. Are we going to say: “To heck with it all, I will never change?” Or, will we be able to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and move forward towards transformation?

At The Kabbalah Centre we teach a four-step step process that can actually help neutralize negative energy that we have put out in the universe. This process is called teshuvah in Hebrew, and here it is tailored specifically to our words.

Step 1: Recognize the negative words you have spoken.
Step 2: Feel the pain you caused to yourself or someone else by your words
Step 3: Go back in time and visualize a new version of what happened had you said something positive instead
Step 4: Make a commitment to not repeat the same mistake.

I look forward to hearing your experiences

Love and Light,

Karen Berg
Spiritual Director of the Kabbalah Centre


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