Kabbalistic Concepts

A New year of Growth

The soul is eternal, meaning that the Light force, or the creative energy that is inside each of us, is something that has and will always exist and can never be constrained. We may not always understand this, but consider this example: Even though a tree is bare in the wintertime, come spring, it grows its leaves, flowers, and fruits. The tree’s energy did not disappear; it just took a new form.

Life, as we know it, is different today than it was twenty years ago or ten years ago or even five years ago. And it is different today than it will be twenty years from now or thirty years from now.

But everything in life is a circle: a circle of energy that is ever-present and eternal. That which exists today may be very different tomorrow, but it will be there tomorrow just as it was there in some form yesterday.

Today, according to the Gregorian calendar, each and every one of us is given us another year for fulfillment. May we take this gift and bring it forward to do what we need to do to bring wholeness to ourselves and to the world.


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