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A Piece of Holiness

There is a spark of the Creator in everything that exists—everything, not just living beings. In a table, there is a piece of holiness. The same goes for walls, books, pillows: in short, anything you can think of. This is why sometimes you can walk into a place and you immediately feel great. But what does “feeling great” mean here? The room has a chair, a table, a light, some walls, and a door. Big deal. I mean, can these inanimate objects really have an effect on the energy of a person? The answer is yes, because when we enter a room, we feel the energy of everything that is there. Some of us may be more sensitive to this side of our nature than others, but all of us have the capability of tapping into it.

The same concept applies to food. When you eat something, you receive the energy that is within that food. With meat, it is possible that you are receiving the energy of the soul that was incarnated into the animal. Fish is the same deal. For some people, this is easy to understand, although for others, it may be a stretch. But consider the energy of your favorite home-cooked meal versus, let’s say, a cafeteria version of the same thing. You could have the same meal with the exact same ingredients, but still there will be something special about a meal that was prepared with love.

The point I want to make is that we truly need to understand that there is energy in everything.

We, as human beings, are no exception. God has a purpose for instilling His Light in us. It is our right and responsibility to recognize that Light, and in so doing, to draw it out to share with the world.


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