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A Unique Process

Rav Berg speaks about a very powerful concept in the Torah portion of Vayikra. The entire portion talks about the rituals of sacrifices that the Israelites did several thousand years ago. On a simple level, we must understand that everyone came to this world with a unique correction to carry out. When you look around the world, why do things appear unfair? Why is it that some people or students seem to go through one process, and others through a different process? It seems like you sometimes have to go through so much MORE pain than that guy over there – and it doesn’t feel fair.

The unique types of transformations we all need to go through relate to all the unique types of sacrifices that are read out loud in the Torah portion. Each sacrifice represents a different type of transformation we need to undergo. Each one of us is going through a VERY UNIQUE process. Therefore, we must understand that the amount of pain we are going through, the restriction we need to apply, and the transformations that are required of us, are what each and every unique soul needs in order to be completely happy in this life.

We should never look at another person’s process and feel bad (or good) about our own process, says Rav Berg. We need to fight to appreciate and understand that the Creator personally loves each one of us and is giving us the EXACT, UNIQUE PAIN that we need to go through to be the ultimate version of ourselves. Hence, every day we should tell ourselves, “I appreciate my life, I appreciate my process, and I have certainty in the Light of the Creator.”


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