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Sometimes in the quiet of night, if we listen carefully enough, we might be able to hear the flutter of an angel’s wing.

Yes, it’s true: Each one of us can learn to hear the angels. And the spiritual tools we have—the prayers, the studying, the meditations, and the connections we do—all can help us toward this end. This process of being able to listen to the angelic voice inside us is governed by our consciousness, and as we grow and open our consciousness through our spiritual efforts and evolution, we become more in tune with this voice.

Oftentimes, in fact, it’s the voice of an angel guiding us when we hear in our head: “You know you don’t want to do that!” Sometimes we can even connect with more than just the angel’s voice; we can actually feel its presence. Yet all too often, we block out the voice or the presence. Perhaps the voice is saying something we don’t want to hear, or perhaps we are just afraid of what we don’t understand with our logical mind.

But the truth of the matter is that if we can allow ourselves to experience the spiritual dimension, we can become much more useful conduits for the Light in the world.


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