Global Consciousness Kabbalistic Concepts

Are You Truly Living?

What if we lived our lives knowing with certainty that all the people and situations we encounter that truly bother us are there merely as participants in our process of transformation? What if we knew that everything we currently consider a problem is in reality an opportunity that the Light has sent us to identify something we need to change or a belief we need to let go of in order to truly feel the Creator? Would we continue to worry or assign blame as we now do?

The answer is probably no. And in truth, if we had this perspective on life, it would even help us shift the way we relate to our loved ones. We’d become more tolerant and less inclined to judge or criticize them. We would realize that the difficulties and obstacles that plague us are, without exception, actually opportunities for our spiritual growth.

Today, let us try to live with this consciousness. Let us focus on understanding that the Light sends us certain people and situations to help us transform our nature and become unconditionally sharing.

When we live with and embrace the difficulties in our life in this way, they often clear up spontaneously. And if action is required, then the Light will act through us and our response to the person or situation will create unity and healing.


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