Kabbalistic Concepts

Awakening Your Intuition

Whether we realize it or not, people communicate through brainwaves. Brainwaves are vibrations that travel in almost the same way as sound. The reason we don’t pick up on these vibrations is not because we can’t, but because we block ourselves by how and what we think. Rational thoughts—our left-brain intelligence—block us from our intuition, or right-brain intelligence.

The next time you want to tap into your intuition, let go of the fear of looking stupid, lack of belief in your abilities, egotism, and all other negative emotions—that normally surround your thoughts. Allow thoughts—right, wrong, or neutral—to just come to you. In this way, you can learn to achieve a level of telepathic ability, which emerges from a place of non-rational intelligence, in other words, from a place of intuition.

I don’t mean that you should concentrate on blocking your conscious, rational thoughts. The minute you do that, you’ve lost the connection. If you are busy thinking, “What am I supposed to think or say?” then you are still in your head, in your left brain.

You see, you’re not supposed to think or say anything—that’s the point. You’re supposed to open yourself and let the thoughts come to you.

And they will.


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