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Become the Hero of Your Story

Over the course of our lives, many things happen: good things, bad things, everything in between. There are lessons to be learned, messages to be grasped, battles to be won…or lost.

The truth is that the more difficult our journey, the greater the reward. If we didn’t have a bit of a bumpy ride, if we weren’t tested along the way, then there would be no way for us to reach our full potential.

It says that the tzadikim (righteous souls) and those who are closest to the Creator sometimes receive very negative dreams because it is through these dreams that they are given the opportunity to adjust their ways, change their actions, and realign themselves spiritually. These dreams, in effect, serve as a kind of Divine notification that sets these righteous individuals on their proper spiritual path. For such people, or indeed for any person who knows how to understand dreams in the right way, a nightmare can become a catalyst for a great revelation of Light.

The same applies to the difficulties that we ourselves face. With the right consciousness and the use of spiritual tools, we can use these difficulties to help us grow, thus allowing us to become the hero of our life-story rather than the victim of it.


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