Kabbalistic Concepts

Becoming a Beacon of Light

Last week, in the reading known as Beshalach, we connected to the power of mind over matter through the 72 Names of God. This week, all of that energy is manifested through the giving of the Ten Commandments.

What we learn from the kabbalists and what we teach at the Kabbalah Centre is that the Ten Commandments, or the Ten Utterances, were not orders that God gave to the people to dictate what they could and could not do. Instead, they represent the totality of the spiritual energy given by the Creator to all humanity at Mt. Sinai.

This week, that energy is given to us again. How can we connect to it? Well, as we know, there is this idea of similarity of form, “like attracts like.” The Energy of the Creator is an energy of pure sharing and perfect love. The more we can bring ourselves to think and behave with tolerance and human dignity, the more of this revelation we can bring through our being to others and the world.


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