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BEING a Beacon of Light

There was a place where a group of astronomers got together measuring and counting stars to determine the prospectus for the future.

One of them had brought along his son. As these brilliant men and women were chatting, categorizing, and arranging, the little boy walked out and stared in wonderment at the twinkling stars dancing in the night sky, in each breath inhaling the indescribable magnificence of the awesome work and the love of the Creator.

That is the energy we need to reach. Yes, facts and figures are important, but they can only bring us so far. Within each one of us is a space, a void, a place that yearns for connection. The only thing that can fill this void is the Light of the Creator.

But to receive this Light, we need to be open and accepting of it—and we need to feel it in our being, not just in our mind. We need to become a beacon of Light, truth, and beauty for ourselves, for others, and for the world.


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