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Being Who We Are

We tend to ask ourselves certain questions at this time of year: Who am I? What is the energy I am bringing to a situation? How do I choose to share of myself?

As we ask, however, let us consider the fact that while we so often look for kindness, for love, for care, and for compassion for ourselves, we get so wrapped up in our own self, our own ego, that those exact things are what we forget to extend to others.

We concentrate our efforts on ourselves alone, and in doing so, we lose sight of the purpose and the effect of being who we are. “Being who we are” means living in alignment with our capacity to share with and love others. But instead, we often judge others, and judgment is the thing, unfortunately, that separates us.

Let’s face it: All of us have more than once judged a person for not acting as we thought he should act or for not thinking as we thought she should think.

But if we truly understood that where we are and what we are at this moment in our life is exactly where and who we should be, then we also must realize that the person next to us, whom we think is acting in a terrible manner or even in a different way than we would like, is exactly where and who he or she needs to be.

We are not God’s police officers. None of us can see the big picture, so it is best to leave judgment to the Creator.


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