Kabbalistic Concepts

Bringing the Flawless Universe into Our Physical Reality

With the word ve’atah (and you), which is repeated numerous times in the portion of Tetzaveh, the Zohar reveals for us an awesomely profound explanation — mind over matter. We are talking about changing the structure of an atom. Rav Ashlag says that to control the 99 percent of a physical entity is possible because we are discussing consciousness — the consciousness of Light.

Light has a consciousness. God has a consciousness. Darkness also has a consciousness. Everything that exists in this world, even things that appear inanimate like a rock, is alive. There is a dynamic interchange, a living entity of 99 percent within that rock. Therefore, I can conclude that Moses could draw water from a rock by just restructuring the 99%, the atoms.

If we have not grasped what is being discussed here we are vulnerable. There is no way to prevent chaos without first understanding the true structure of the physical reality, which is known.

Does this mean we are forever destined to remain in chaos? No, and therefore we come to this one word that permeates throughout the reading of Tetzaveh: ve’atah, and I would not know to provide this explanation without the Zohar. We have learned in Kabbalah that the letter Vav is Zeir Anpin and atah is Malchut, so when we say the word ve’atah it empowers us to control the physical matter. 

The level of our seriousness is the level we can take control of the physical realm. Through this section, and the word ve’atah, we are empowered to bring the consciousness of Zeir Anpin, the Flawless Universe, into the realm of Malchut, our physical reality. 

* From Rav Berg’s 2003 lecture on the portion of Tetzaveh.


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