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Building Unity

In the Zohar portion of Vayigash, we read about a meeting between two brothers who represent two energy forces. One brother is Zeir Anpin (representing the 99% Reality) and the other is Malchut (representing the 1% physical world). The two forces also represent two messiahs – one from the House of David and the other from the House of Joseph.

The messiah from the House of Joseph is a force of unity, a force which comes every generation and then disappears. The messiah of the House of David is a force that will last forever. When it comes to our lives and our study of Kabbalah, our goal is to combine these two energies together. The way to do it is by finding unity between our actual selves and our potential selves. We must not feel like the journey (our actual selves) is the most important thing, or that the journey’s purpose (our potential selves) is more important. Both are equally important, and when unified, can lead us to greatly improve the quality of our lives.

This week’s portion talks about the power of negotiation. Sometimes we don’t know how to negotiate – to push or not to push? How do we know if we should keep pushing? If we stop pushing, are we just giving up?

When two people have an argument, it is not because each person believes they are wrong – it is because they believe they are both right. They are each just seeing a different point of view of the argument. Usually, one is busy with the future outcome, and the other is concerned with the present moment. When we identify the role perspective plays in arguments, it becomes easier to make an effort to understand the other person’s point of view. As we grasp where the other person is coming from, we tend to develop compassion for their side and lessen our resolve to be ‘right’, to win the argument. In this way, we overcome pettiness and build unity with others, while also connecting to our actual and potential selves.

I hope that the lessons in this portion will help us become united with all people; to be connected to our actual selves and to our potential selves.


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