Kabbalistic Concepts Prosperity

But Why Do You Want It?

Sometimes when we achieve certain success, we boast to ourselves, “I did it because I am so brilliant, so smart, so savvy,” so “whatever quality” we think we possess. However, when we say something like this, we are forgetting the main point. Were it not for Divine blessing, we wouldn’t be able to be who we are—that winner, that famous actor, that singer, that respected businessperson, that student, that teacher.

Whatever our success, we need to understand that it is just one element of our karma to use for the benefit of someone or something else in the world.

If we don’t have this consciousness, if we instead hang on to our pride (“I’m the best!”), then the energy we receive from our accomplishment is coming from the Negative Side, our Opponent, our Ego--call it what you will.

In the same vein, we need to remember that if we want to have the most stunning house, the most wildly popular parties, or the most amazing whatever is important to us, simply because we want people to admire or respect us, then we are also coming from a place of Ego. But if we want people to feel at home in our house so that we can share, so that our door can be open as Abraham’s was, or so that we can accept others so they can understand kindness in people, then everything we achieve is infused with an entirely different energy—the energy of Light.

In addition, a part of any kind of success must be given back to the Light of the Creator in the form of charity, in the form of sharing, in the form of volunteering in whatever way we choose.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting. There is nothing wrong with having. The question we must ask, though, is: “Am I coming from a place of Ego? Or am I coming from a place of Light and sharing?”

Our consciousness is powerful. Let’s use it wisely.


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