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Cause or Effect? It’s Your Choice

At any moment in time, we are either the cause or the effect of our experience. Either we embrace our Divine Essence—our ability to embody the Creator’s sharing Light—or we allow ourselves to be affected by all that is around us and within us—what people say about us, what people do, even our own emotions and reactions to life’s challenges.

When we are the effect, it’s always about the “me”–what “I” got or didn’t get, what they said about “me,” how she wronged “me,” and so on. And when we are the cause, we become facilitators for kindness, peace, and harmony. No matter what we do or what position we find ourselves in, if we have an aspect of sharing in our consciousness, then we can be the cause, a motivating force for good in this world.

The next time you feel overwhelmed by the worries, fears and anxieties of the “me,” stop for a minute and ask yourself where and why you feel like a victim. Then find a way to turn that consciousness around. See how you can take responsibility. See what you can do for others. Be the Light in someone else’s darkness. In doing so, you’ll connect yourself with your Divine Essence and with the realm of infinite possibility.


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