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Change Now and Change Often

The Zohar and The Writings of the Ari inform us that we are born into this world with aspark of Divine Energy inside us. It is our job to eventually return this energy, or our soul, to its original source—the Creator. However, we need to bring it back “perfected” because if it is not perfected—that is, exactly as it was when it was originally given to us at the time of Creation—then it must come back to this physical world in a new vessel to try again.

And if the soul does not return perfect as it was WHEN IT WAS GIVEN, the verse says about it, “thither they return,” (Ecclesiastes 1:7), it and to all the other souls WHICH ARE LIKE IT, NAMELY NOT PERFECT. IN OTHER WORDS, THEY RETURN TO THIS WORLD IN AN INCARNATION.

The Zohar, Pinchas 10:49

What does this mean? It means simply to use your time here on earth wisely! Don’t wait till tomorrow to make the changes that you need to make.

We’ve incarnated in this life to give our soul a chance to mature, to purify, to become perfect and shine to its full potential.

Change now, and change often.


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