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Change Your Nature, Create a Miracle

In the Bible, we read about Rivka, the wife of Isaac, being blessed with the miracle of bearing children. If we look deeper into the story of how this happened, we can gain powerful information about the process of inviting miracles into our own lives.

How did Isaac plead with the Creator to allow Rivka to conceive? Well, first of all, he rode for hours on a donkey to Mount Moriah, climbed the mountain, and then prayed with all of his heart. The lengthy journey to Moriah—the place where his father, Abraham, had been willing to sacrifice him to God—and then the spiritual effort he made on the mountain are code for us for going outside of our comfort zone. Isaac went to a place where he actually changed his nature, and in so doing, was able to ascend to a higher dimension, a higher plane, and thereby allow his wife who had been barren to finally get pregnant.

The truth is that most of us don’t usually go beyond our comfort zone. Sure, we do things for friends, and yes, sometimes we give charity. But to move forward on our spiritual path, we need to stop and ask ourselves: How much do we truly go out of ourselves in the interest of helping other people? In our daily interactions, how many times do we stop and think about what the other person needs from us, not just about what we want to do or say next?

Today, I’d like to share a prayer that can help us step outside of ourselves and elevate our consciousness.

“My Creator, please open my ears to the universe and let me be cognizant of all that’s around me. Let me feel the vibration of those whom I love so I am attuned to them. Let me be surrounded by a positive energy and fully receptive to everyone around me.”


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