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Choosing the Positive

It is human nature to experience cycles of highs and lows throughout our lives. When blessings come our way and lift us up, we feel good and are more likely to bring Light into the world through kindness and acts of sharing. If we’re honest with ourselves, we know that when we feel good this isn’t hard to do. It’s when we experience challenges in life that we must put in the extra effort to stay positive and share the Light.

The Kabbalah Centre teaches that we have more control over our reactions than we think. But where do we begin? When life brings us strife, how do we align our attitudes with the Light? How do we turn toward the sunny side of a situation when all we feel is frustration, pain, disappointment, and negativity?

We can regain the feeling of control over events in our lives through consciousness, by choosing the Light over negative feelings, thoughts, and reactions. When we shift our thoughts toward the positive we begin to lessen the influence negativity has in our lives.

“If your thoughts are connected to Light, then you will draw Light and blessings into your life,” says Michael Berg. “If your thoughts are connected to things that are not of Light, not of sharing, then your soul is disconnected from the Light and as a result you cannot manifest Light, can’t be happy, can’t assist others; all those things we want to accomplish with our lives cannot be accomplished when our soul is like this... and our soul gets like this because of our thoughts.”

The first step is to take a close look at your past behavior. When you hit a challenging situation, what are your go-to thoughts? Do you look for someone to blame? Do you talk negatively to yourself? Do you explode and direct your anger or frustration at others? Be honest with yourself. Notice if you have any patterns, if you react the same in similar situations. We often create negativity by giving it a place to rest within ourselves. Over time, this becomes a habit that is hard to break.

After you pinpoint the behavior, try to come up with alternative ways to work through your feelings. Call a friend, go for a walk, journal, or listen to uplifting music. Once you free your mind from the weight of negative thinking, ask yourself, “What can I do to bring more Light into the world right now?” The answer may be as simple as smiling at someone (or even to yourself!). Reframing your perspective around positive action and sharing has the power to shift your entire energy.

“A person can do spiritual work all night and day,” says Michael Berg, “but if he has lost the battle of the mind, as most of us have, it’s worthless. Ask yourself, how are the thoughts of your day? If our mind was ours, and was free of the control of the Negative Side, our thoughts would be pure, positive, clear, and direct every moment of every day.”

Thoughts and feelings can be changed through diligence and practice. By choosing consciousness repeatedly over time, we can break patterns and bad habits. Stop negative thoughts before they take over by being proactive and reminding yourself that your thoughts are actually your perception. In doing so, we can reroute our thoughts and ultimately change the events in our lives. Be a conduit for the Light of the Creator by choosing the positive.


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