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Consciousness is Everything

Oftentimes we forget the role of spirituality in our lives. Things happen and we react to them. We let the weights of life bring us down. What we must remember, though, is that inevitably our consciousness is what determines whether something is negative or positive in our life.

Now you may be saying to yourself: What do you mean by our consciousness determining whether something is negative or positive?

Well, let’s look at a practical real-world example. A businessman meets the right contact, gets a big contract, and is about to make a whole lot of money and then….BOOM! The deal falls through and everything is taken away from him.

Sounds pretty bad, right?

How does the person react? On the one hand, he could take this situation as a major blow and feel ruined by it. In other words, he sees the situation as negative. But on other hand, this same person could say to himself: "Maybe what happened occurred for my space, my spiritual growth, or my humility." Here, he turns the situation into a positive one, creating a different level of consciousness for himself and in so doing, attracts more positivity into his life.

Today, think about the situations you are facing. Can you see and accept the spiritual challenge in them and in so doing, change your consciousness about them?


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