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Creating Positive Angels

Kabbalah teaches that the infrastructure of our universe is composed of billions of angels. Angels can enter into our bodies; indeed, they are a part of our bodies. Although angels have the ability to take human shape, they may also appear with six massive wings. Or, they can show up as minute bits of energy, as molecules. Everything in this world is energy and angels are no exception.

When we do positive actions, when we push ourselves to be a force of kindness, when we allow the Godliness inside of us to permeate the people around us, we create positive angels that help us move forward on our spiritual path. In the same way, however, when we do negative things, we create negative angels that can hold us back.

Today, let’s make a conscious choice to create positive angels in our lives and to take the time to stop and appreciate them when we feel their assistance on our way.


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