Kabbalistic Concepts

Embrace the Now

We spend a lot of time either looking back at what we did or looking forward to what we are going to do.

But what happens to today... right now... the present?

We constantly think about who we are going to be tomorrow, next week, next year. Consider the man who works for 50 years in a profession that he doesn’t want to be in. But he works there for 50 years anyway because he knows that when he gets to be a certain age, then he is going to retire and to take the time to have and do all the things that he enjoys in life. But who says that he will have another 50 years to do everything that he’s decided he is going to do?

How many of us truly and honestly live in the present? How many of us get up and say, “Wow, isn’t it fabulous that I can see the sunrise? Isn’t it nice to have the things in my life that make me happy?”

Sure, there are almost certainly some things in our life that we would prefer weren’t there. And there are things that we probably wouldn’t want to have, or things that we must do to be able to be where we are now. But there is so much beauty, so much energy, and so many blessings in simply being alive that we truly don’t recognize or speak about.

Nobody knows if they are going to be here for the next year or even for the next minute. This is why we need to live for who we are, right here, right now.


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