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Finding the Creator in the Stillness

One of the 72 Names of God, Aleph Nun Yud, is the name that grants access to the “big picture.” It is the name that helps us connect the dots of our experience, allowing a richer and more holistic view of our reality.

Interestingly, the secret of the Aleph Nun Yud name is truly in its letters. In Hebrew, Aleph Nun Yud spells ani, meaning “I.” If we rearrange these letters to Aleph Yud Nun, we end up with ayin, meaning “nothing.”

In our lives, the key to seeing deeper and connecting with the bigger picture lies in our ability to bring our “me” (that is, our ego) into “nothingness.” If we want to receive messages from the Creator, if we want to actually feel His presence in our very being, we need to take ourselves out of the space of our ego and into the vast stillness that lies within.

In meditation, we repeat a mantra or stare at a candle to bring ourselves into this blank space because it is there that we can find oneness with the Light of the Creator and can gain all the fruits and benefits therein. As we diminish our ego, we gain access to the Infinite possibility inside of us.

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