Global Consciousness Kabbalistic Concepts

Getting Out of Ourselves

We can and often do spend a great deal of time and resources looking for “our self.” When we do so, however, we should be very clear and very careful about exactly what we are seeking because the whole point here is not about how to get more and more into ourselves, but rather how to get out of ourselves. When I talk about "self" in this instance, I mean the “little self”: the self that is full of fears, ego, and agenda—the “me” that wants it all now and for itself alone.

The more we get out of our little self through caring, sharing, and spiritual growth, the more we find out both who we really are and all that we are composed of. Even better, the more we get out of our little self, the more we can experience our Essence—our love, strength, and courage—that part of us that is infinite and forever connected to the Creator.

As we experience this Divine spark within, it shines through us and out into the world, elevating existence for all beings.


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