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Getting Stronger

Any difficulty, challenge, or negativity that we experience in our lives is there either to help us grow or to cleanse us.

I’ve said this a hundred times, but I’ll say it again: Without pain, we cannot grow. When we exercise and lift weights and stretch ourselves physically, our bodies become stronger. We understand and accept this.

But when it comes to inner strength and “building” our soul, there are times when we want it for free, when we don’t want to do the heavy lifting that is required for true spiritual growth. Other times, we feel we have really extended ourselves and we think ”Ok, can I just relax now?” or “Ok, where is my prize?” At these moments, we better reconsider our goals because the strength and Light that we build within ourselves is the true reward of spiritual work.

The key is the certainty that whatever is in our lives at this moment is the very best for our process and growth.


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